the bangkok trip is gonna be my last work trip this year. moving onwards, i doubt i’ll get to travel at all and it is a tad sad thinking abt it.

the trip to bangkok was a really last minute one, where i am activated to fly under 36 hours, and probably the only work trip where i had to source for tickets and book the accommodation by ourselves, without the help of the ceo’s secretary.

we arrived on a sunday, thanks to yours truly, because i wanted to be there earlier.. which turned out to be a really good thing because that was the only day that was a little relaxing, even tho we were essentially busy discussing issues with the vendor.

Day 1 Pictures…

dinner for the first night was this restaurant on stilts with quaint looking decorations. the food was good and the most interesting thing i ate was this dish with raw prawns and very hot chilli. yums, but because i recently have a lot of problems with my tummy, i didnt dare to eat too much.

Day 2 was filled with work, and literally packed to the brim. didnt even had a proper lunch and all my lunches for the entire bangkok trip was deliveries from Mcdonalds, kfc, pizza hut and the pizza company. i really cannot imagine that while in bangkok, we were still doing competitor checks! time was going against us, so it was crucial that we worked till the last minute and do whatever we could.

we had dinner only at 10pm at night. dinner was this very cool restaurant on water, and we had to ride on the sampans to get to our table. we were given this loaf of 4 bread buns and jennifer quickly exclaimed that she wanted to eat the cute buns before she was stopped by our thai vendor.

“No! Please don’t eat it. This is not meant for you, it is for the fishes!!”

We sure didn’t see any fishes around. Rony went,”come, let me show u..”

he went to the edge of the platform we are on, and threw a tiny piece of bread into the river/lake. the fishes started coming and my, they are HUGE!

i know this sounds exaggerated, but the school of catfishes are humongous! they have mouths that are 8-10cm wide and never had i seen such big catfishes before. and while they were snatching the bread amongst themselves, jen and me got splashed wet!

the river prawns are so huge they are easily mistaken as lobsters! the taste profile is quite similar as well. too bad that i was too hungry, had too much beer and didnt have the appetite to eat anymore. kinda wasted, but if i ever head back to bangkok, i must make a trip to this restaurant again.

we worked ourselves till the last minute in day 3 and headed back to the serviced apartment just half an hr before we were due for the airport. with all the late night, long hours and al, we were all quite tired out and falling sick. i don’t really appreciate this kind of rushed business trip, but then again, i’ll never have the chance again. Hee.

That’s pretty much my bangkok trip in summary. time to head out for my dental appointment!

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