4th morning into the work week and i was late for 3. despite having taken a cab to work for 2 mornings, my attempt to reach the office earlier didnt not succeed. even warnings from the dc on monday morning couldnt get me to be motivated. i really tried you know? let’s just say im not a morning person.

anyone wondering who my hot date was last nite? haha.. it’s none other than my beloved unpolished_gem! she wanted to return me the mobile phone she borrowed on her trip to taipei last week. and she got me this cute little my melody scotch tape.. to add to my huge collection of cartoon tapes. hee.. *jumps with joy*

dinner at manhattan’s was a little nauseating for us.. started the dinner with garlic lemon mussels, which was nice and tasty. unpolished_gem & me love the sauce to bits, dipping everything we could into it.

then came the platter. urgh. the more we ate, the more yucky it got. the prawns has got this soury taste from the sauce and it doesnt complement my taste buds. i had to flush it down with loads of water throughout the mail, oops, male.. urgh! MEAL! [as you can see, my brain is shutting down and my fingers cannot coordinate well..]

it came to a point that we couldnt stand the smell of the platter and cant wait to get out of the restaurant! strolled around, and i bought myself a cute 2006 planner! i know its still early, but its hard getting the size that i want, the color and at a reasonable price! 🙂

popped by mac and bought drinks for a chat. was a little upset cos the my melody book buddy at mac is SOLD OUT!!! *sobs* super duper upsetting!! anyone wanna trade a my melody one for a hello kitty one? 🙁 and to think i wanted to get vanessa one too.. sigh

okie dookie. im feeling more awake now. never fails to brighten me to blog.. tee hee hee.. *whistles to myself*