with jerry starting childcare this week, I finally have a wee bit of time to relax a little without having both the toddler and baby demanding my attention! im heading back to work in EXACTLY 10 days, and seriously, time just passed sooooo fast, I dont remember achieving much in the past 3 months.. except spending loads of time with jerry. while I feel tired constantly, its amazing to watch him grow and develop a little everyday and I know its been beneficial to him as well because he has learnt so much in the past 3 months.  I cannot be more thankful for the time spent with him.


still, being cut off from work and holing up in the house does things to your esteem. you just dont have as much time to groom yourself, take care of your face, have your brows trimmed etc.. so yesterday, while my mum looked after jerome, I snuck out for some self pampering.

I didnt really do much. I trimed my my mane neater, did treatment for both hair & scalp and added some colors.. can I just say.. I think I havent dyed my hair in 10 years? purely because of 2 reasons. 1. I love my jet black hair (and there was a period when its in trend) 2. I hate having to deal with new hair growth on dyed hair and having to maintain it with constant touch ups.


this time round, I just wanted some subtle colors to spice things up, while retaining most of my original hair color, so I dyed only the inner portion of my hair! super perfect for the busy mummy who has to juggle work and kids, without worrying about new hair growth showing since they cant be seen at all! super easy to maintain!

here’s how it looks!


p.s. I took this picture 1 day later. the hair still look gorgeous if you ask me.


I posted a picture of my hair color on instagram yesterday right after I was done and received a text from the husband that says..”am I coming home to a new wife tonight?”


haha! nice one, and thanks for the confidence booster, baby.