there are like tonnes of stuff that i wanted to jot down here for remembrance, but time isn’t a luxury.

sometimes, i just wish money could buy more time… but i guess one can only trade money (don’t work) for more time.

these days, i get the writer’s blog. when i’m damn busy, my mind likes to multi-task and ponder about things that i would like to blog about. but when the time comes for me to be at rest, and actually face the computer, i completely forget what it was that i wanted to jot down.


anyway, this is random. i just wanted to blog about all the glorious food that i have been feeding myself with. what’s joy is there left with no nice food in a hectic schedules?

20th march, friday
lunch at 211 roof terace cafe in holland v. oh how i wished i could spent the afternoon there lazing and just chatting. it was a nice quiet place, perfect for relaxation and some peace. will definitely be back soon.

i was a happy bird because i drank a nice glass of white during lunch hour. heh.

dinner was with wendy and cindy (the ‘dy’ people as der aptly puts them as).

that’s a $1.20 egg that cindy ordered!

and we all ended the night in support of chey’s bonus…

21st march, sat
finally went to have steamboat with agnes at guo fu steamboat. errrm. it was a bad experience, because the service was bad, the food was nothing to rave about, der scalded his arm, and the place was filled with chinachinesetalkingVERYloudly.

what a disappointment. πŸ™

Oops. I got to run. am late for the appointment that i have with agnes. Will scribble more tonight or tomorrow when i have the time. there are a lot more food photos coming. are you drooling already?

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