i’m flopped in bed, surfing around on my laptop and trying to sort more than 1GB of pictures taken from yesterday’s wakeboarding sesh.

and while i sort them up and load it into my flickr, i just post more on my foodie pictures of the past weeks.

23rd mar 09
was going to head home when my colleague offered a ride to the train station, only to find myself trapped in the car and heading towards OUTRAM, because my colleague has to drop her boss off and in the end, we just decided to head for dinner before heading home. in the end, we ended up joining her boss and one of our ex-agency girls for dinner.

we had yummy frog legs porridge at outram.

my camera died on me before i could take more pictures or have some pictures taken of myself.

24th mar 09
lunch! the happiest hour of my day. it is becoming to be so again these days. i am so predictable right?

we popped over to harbourfront because cindy was driving. lunch was at kim gary hk cafe. errm.. i accidentally ordered something i didn’t like (i thought it was gong zai mian, only to find it a thick, straight, tasteless noodles) as my main and a plate of assorted mushrooms baked with cheese. this is a nice change from the usual lunch food.

27th mar 09
left work late and went for dinner with cindy. Hmmm.. she suggested this place (bt timah) to eat porridge. actually, the fresh cockles served with sambal chilli attracted me much more. she was just talking to me about it the other day and i was like.. woah! there are places that actually serve chilled raw cockles!

got der to meet us there for dinner before we went for our movie – confessions of a shopaholic. it was quite an expensive meal for just porridge, the clams were terrible (from the way it looked, it was forced open when it’s alive before putting into the pot to cook). too chewy for my likes. the rest of the food was so-so. but, i’ll be back if i am in the vicinity, just to attack on the cockles. anything with shells, i’m a sucker. 😛

looks like i’m gonna just stay in the entire day to rest. my back hurts so much that i refused to move.. 🙁

p.s just realised that this post feature porridges! 😛

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