I’m not denying it. my blog feels very neglected because I haven’t been updating it as often as I liked. I just didn’t have the energy.


lately, its getting quite a pain in the arse (pardon my language) having to put my son down for bedtime. he just struggles and wriggles all over and slids out of the bed and just kept moving non stop! gone are the days when I can just give him a bottle of milk to drink and he’ll fade off shortly after finishing the milk. whatever happened?!


I think its toddlerhood. he wants to play a lot more. wants more attention. struts around showing the stuff he knows. grabs my work bag across the room blowing kisses and saying bye bye in the dark. my gawd. its driving me bonkers and also pushing his bed time later every day. on a lot of the days, I end up with the sandman before he does because I just couldnt keep up the energy level (especially in a dark room) after a long day at work and the husband had to come home and discover the wife sleeping and the baby having a whale of a time playing without supervison. haha. hilarious sight I know. also very dangerous actually.


sigh. the woes of a working mum. I sometimes wish I have a switch to turn off my energizer bunny. are all bunny babies as energetic as mine? I think I’m too old for this shit.


I should have started motherhood at 21 years old and not 31. how do people manage with 2 kids or more? I kinda shudder at the thought of a no. 2.