i spent the whole of yesterday afternoon at home, trying to clear some backlog of the photos that i have taken, but havent posted.

mum, as usual was sitting in the living room, glued to her tv programs and chatting with me. outta a sudden, she screamed! and i thought what happened.

she found a bee hive. located at the tree in front of our flat, just right outside our window area. our flat is probably the nearest thing to it! i got excited. whipped out my cammie and went running up and down the flights of stairs to the other stories to get a clear shot. turns out, i couldnt see the darn hive from anywhere, other than my living room.

my mum panicked and quickly called the town council. gave the details and all. within 30 mins, the pest control came, but couldnt locate the hive. they had to call my mum and ask for the exact location, while i was waving frantically and pointing to the hive from my window. and here’s some evidence of the murderers and crime scene.

i am highly amused by my mother. she went to the market today, came back and reported that she went to check on the hive before coming home. nothing is left except a white strip. she seems satisfied.