Last Friday, I sat around in the house and wondered how I could get through the long weekend. Der has stopped me from swimming ever since the pelvic pain got worse. I miss it sorely and its the only exercise routine that I have to get my heart pumping.. So without it, I have been feeling lethargic and restless.

Was randomly surfing around and I decided to book a BBQ pit for the next day.. And I quickly logged on to my town council website for the booking. Woohoo! Thank goodness for half day work days on Saturday mornings. Popped into mum’s room to tell her about it. I think she thinks I’m mad.

Well, truth is, I’m a little mad, considering how cooped up I feel these days (my god, am I turning into a chicken?) so I was really glad that der was willing to accommodate me (we didn’t have anything better to do anyway) and guess what?! Bro & mum went along with my crazy idea as well, though my mum did argued that we should head to sembawang park or just do it at our doorsteps (she thinks it’s perfectly fine to do so till I told her it’s illegal). Anyway, I didn’t book the national parks BBQ pits because they won’t be available on a PH weekend, besides, why go anywhere else when there are pits in the jogging park just one block away from my house? It’s so convenient!

So, I enlisted my bro’s help to drive me to the supermarket to grab the necessary food stuff. How fun! And I also had the sudden cravings for flower crabs so I bought at least 15 of them for dinner. Yummy!! But alas, I was too excited to eat that I didn’t take any pictures.

Back to the BBQ! I was a little grouchy the next morning because the town council person had to call me at 9am in the morning to confirm my booking! Argh! I so wanna sleep till later..

Mum marinated the wings while I went out to buy some the remaining stuff like charcoal, wire mesh and other food stuff that weren’t available the night before. Back home, I helped cut and prep the rest of the food stuff, drinks and list of items to bring and when the clock struck 6pm, I knock on everyone’s room doors and told them it’s time to set off!

Cheap thrill, I know.. But it was fun! There won’t be days like that in the future. Would be harder to just decide, ok, let’s do it without considering about the baby.

My bro setting up the fire.

The nice fire burning, while we wait for charcoal to be ready.

Murder crime scene. Victim – poor crab, murderer – my mum and brother. We just had to kill this poor fellow because he’s tied with raffia string, which would be toxic over the fire.. His pals are perfectly fine.. Sorry little one. In case you are wondering, this is the fastest/easiest way to kill a crab, just push through a satay stick through both it’s eyes and ensure that the satay stick goes through the body as well.. Within a minute or less, it’ll stop moving.

Crabs and my favourite mushrooms

We got the huge clams as well. Errm, should have bought the smaller ones because these were too huge, making it harder to cook and also, it’s tougher to chew on after BBQ-ing. Well, I’ve learnt! Won’t repeat the same mistake again the next time!

Sausages and wings too.. My crabs were nicely toasted as well..

The under-rated stuff but are my loves – potato, Japanese sweet potatoes (really good) and corn.. I could sit around the whole night eating these!!

Well, there’s also prawns and crabsticks, cheese dogs and taiwanese sausages to the mix, topped off with beer for everyone except me. I had green tea, coke and water for company. =)

The best bit had to be that it coincided with the upcoming GE so there were some entertainment going on at the field tentage where there were singers singing (free music and entertainment) and my grc mp special appearance. my bro was damn happy as well because it meant that there were portable toilets around and it was so convenient for our use.

Invited my father-in-law to the BBQ as well but think he was too shy to join. A pity, really.

Overall, a fun and adventurous night! Food was good (I didn’t really have to cook, I just sat and waited for food), and I so wanna do this again! If I can, that is. My mum was impressed because she didn’t know there was such a nice BBQ pit at the jogging park, that’s why she insisted that I should book the nea park ones. Looks like I could do more family gatherings here when my uncles/aunties are in town. They are a huge fan of BBQ food as well, but think lobster tails and alaska king crab claws dipped in hot butter. Totally sinful stuff there but I do enjoy it as well when they hand-carry those stuff over from the states. It’s so expensive to buy those seafood here so I do look forward to the annual cny when they would lug all these goodies back.

That’s it for my long weekend! Spent Sunday lazing at home. The boy chilling with his iPad the whole day (wifey here feels neglected and sore) and I had to follow suit with my iPhone because there’s nothing else for me to do. Sometimes, I have the urge to smash his iPad up cos I’m totally not getting attention and I feel like I talk to the wall most of the time. How do you get out of this crappy situation? Like really smash it? Spoke to him numerous times (ever since he got his iPhone) but the situation didn’t improve one bit at all. Boo.

I think he needs understand that someday, I just might dump him and have him sleep with his iPad and go shopping with his iPad. You just can’t build a relationship with a damn gadget, isn’t it?! Le sigh.

I should go for a sex change. Any iPad/iPhone sex change doctors around? I need some serious work done to me please!

Technology. It’s killing all human face to face interactions and relationships. Who needs a gf/wife/partner when you have the iPad in hand?!

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