the truth is, it really did sucks. there are of cos happy moments here and there, a sparkle of cheer and glimmer but…

well, anyway.. many thanks to all that had wished me a happy birthday. thanks so much for remembering, all the smses, msn messages, the blog greetings, e-cards etc.. i am truly glad that so many remembered my birthday, especially some really rare people.

well, besides the fact that i left office at 8pm, i was running a fever. wei gave me a pleasant surprise with a bunch of my favourite gerberas sprung into my face the moment i got into the car. he drove me around without telling me the destination and we ended up at rochester park.

it was a pleasant night, with romantic settings and all. i would have been ecstatic but being all sick and pukey doesnt quite make it. the service was great, and i really did try to enjoy myself, albeit shivering the entire night. the food didnt go too well down cos i was feel nausea the whole time.

by the time i got home, my body was burning at 38 degrees. i flopped into bed and knocked out without even changing my clothes/removing my makeup. only managed to do it hours later when i woke, soaked in perspiration.

i literally burned the next 24 hours away. vomited non stop the next morning, struggled to work and my manager shooed me home. i slept the entire day, without the temperature doing down a bit. frankly, i feel entirely miserable the whole time.

what a start to my twenty six.

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