Week 34 – Here’s how the tummy is measuring at the moment!

I’m past the 30+” mark and officially hit 40″! I think the bump does look rather massive from the side view..

Interestingly, the aunties that I meet everywhere (in office/pantry aunties/in coffeeshop when I order food or simply random strangers) like to stare at my tummy and ask when I’m due and if is a boy..

Oh, during the last gynae visit, the doc complimented on my tummy skin.. He said, oh.. What did you do?! Your tummy is looking very pretty and your skin is very good! It caught me by surprise and I think I just smiled and thought.. It’s so weird having a man compliment me on my skin in front of my hubby!

Now, I’ll wait for alarm to go off and get the boy awake for the swimming plans!

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