i am appalled to find that my butt has grown a lot bigger in the last couple of months, so much so that i am unable to fit into a lot of my bottoms!!

was spring cleaning my wardrobe yesterday and was pretty upset that i couldn’t fit into a lot of the skirts that i have in there, some of which are stuff that i like to wear. and i had to pack them all up to be given/donated away.

well, there are a lot of girls who would like a curvier butt, a fleshier butt because you look nicer in a lot of clothes.. i, on the other hand, would like a smaller butt because it is depressing to know that i am getting fatter!!


i can only cheer myself up when i think about the fact that i need more new clothes.. which means, it’s shopping time!

lame entry, i know. i’m bored. alone at home today.

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