i broke a record this morning by taking a cab to the office again. its the third time this week! this is bad, i know. but it was raining heavily and i was late. so good excuse, no?

’tis gonna be a short entry, namely cos it’s almost knock off time and im still busy with work. it doesnt help when a terrible headache bugged me from after lunch till now.

everyone (actually only jas, jean n me) cant wait to knock off. for once, on a weekday, i get to go out with them! we’re giving fred a farewell dinner tonight and prob. chill out for a while if time allows. it’s hard when they have to go back to their kids.

gonna take lotsa snapshots today as keepsake. hopefully my cammie can live up to the task. i forgot to charge my camera last nite! i hope im gonna have fun tonite and wish everyone a great weekend!

urgh! the eczema on my legs are flaring up again! what’s wrong with it? what a day to irritate me.

gotta ciao!