i finally tried the restaurant after many many months of wanting to try out the place. or has it been a year?

the parking was an arse and der & me did the stupidest thing. the car was originally parked at paragon, and because we were lazy to walk, we shifted the car and hopefully could park somewhere nearer so that we didn’t have to walk that far. we didn’t manage to find any available lots and eventually parked the car back in paragon because that was the only place where it was nearer and cheaper.


good food always makes me a happy bird. the personable service was 2 thumbs up with the ever attentive waiter refilling my glass every single time i finish the water, which is rather often. i often use that to gauge the attentiveness of a wait staff because i drink water very fast and i drink a LOT of water. i could easily down 5-6 glasses of water on top of what i eat.

my brain is dead (i just woke from a nap), so i shall just post the pictures…

we had quite a bit for 2. hungry souls we were after the parking fiasco. we started with the roasted tomato and basil soup. it was smooth and tangy and just the right sour note to start off my meal. The grilled portobello side dish that we ordered was filled with juice and rich in flavour. it’s a tad expensive though, to pay close to $11 for just ONE portobello mushroom.

der had the linguini with mussels and i had lamb shoulder rack as mains. the lamb was smooth and soft, and i almost wanted to suck the bone dry… (gross, i know!) der’s linguine was done al dente, the right texture for pasta, filled with a whole bunch of mussels tossed in white wine sauce. i believed i ate more from his portion and mine, even tho we were sharing.

round that up with a delicious glass of red wine (der was snatching mine!) and a glass of white wine.. the meal was almost fantastic. almost because.. what’s a meal without desserts right?

the usual greedy gluttony me insisted on ordering 3 types of desserts – baileys gelato ice cream served on crushed ice, a slice of chocolate cake and a sweet slice of apple tart.. we were almost in heaven.

the ambiance was nothing to shout about,the place is small but i like the cosy feel. it wasn’t very crowded for a saturday night and i thought it was the perfect dinner date with the hospitable servers making our day. we definitely walked out of the restaurant blurping with satisfaction and ready to make a trip back there soon.

i even texted jen that we should go there and have dinner some day! 🙂

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