the last few minutes of 9th october has just trickled by..

my bod’s aching and my shoulders are screaming in pain. the computer posture is killing me. a MADNESS day went by and my manager concluded that i am hysterical today. 😐 i break into laughing modes and serious modes repeatedly and i just cant stop laughing when i laugh.

inspired by mydivinehaven, i have decided to make a collage of some memories of the last 7 years. wow. time flies.. just 2 years ago, i wrote about our story on this very day.. the pictures are gone now..and i dont have a copy of the collage i used to put up there.

Today Yesterday was the anniversary.

things have definitely taken a dip compared to the past. very much so in the last couple of months. they say, 7 years itch. to me, it’s 7 years ditch. anyway, i made my stand just couple of days ago and things have been slightly on the better side. i dont know how long it’ll last.. but i’ll just keep my eyes open and see how it goes. and while searching for pictures for the collage, i have also realised that we didnt take any decent pictures for the last couple of months. decent as in not a candid shot or anything.

look at how we have both grown. i think the age is definitely piling on me. 😐

anyway, i think im gonna change back my nonsensical girl image again.

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