for the past 2 days, i have been riddled with a terrible headache. It started yesterday morning. i struggled through it the whole of yesterday, back home and this morning when i stepped out for work.. the pain is still there!

urgh. also felt dizzy this morning and a little nauseous from the dizziness.

saw a doc and he diagnosed me with a tension headache. told me to head home to rest. told him i can’t.

he said, if you can, you should come back in the afternoon.. i’ll give you 1/2 day mc to go home and rest.


sometimes i struggle within.

you know its only right to rest your body, not work it too hard and rest when you should. but how could you drop all that you are doing and just rest? i could never ‘rest in peace’ knowing that there’s so much work.

how? at times like this, i wish i was staying in a slower pace country. things would have been much enjoyable. and of cos, less health issues.

kay. rant over… back to work. =(

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