i opened my eyes this morning and wondered which day of the week it is. for a minute, i was lost and couldnt think. i had to lug myself outta bed after a long procrastination. and yes, i am late AGAIN. what’s new, anyway? *grins*

my shoulders are aching. hmmm.. bad day of the week, but still im not grumbling k? i am determined to stay a happy girl.

porridge for lunch today! yeah!

i was going through all the files in my hard disk last nite and checking if i can delete some stuff to free up more space. and i came across this post it note that i scanned for unpolished_gem. it’s a model answer summarised in a little mind map for one of the exam questions.

[picture to be updated when i reach home]

—- pic updated 22.02pm —–

it brings a smile to my face and i got reminded of the uni days. despite being tough and hard to pull through, it was enjoyable in all aspects. i really missed it. and this morning on the way to work, i was thinking of taking up a part time diploma course. i’ve always been interested in IT, or maybe a design course. Hmm..

when i reach the office earlier, i plugged my ipod to the charger cos it’s been flat and i didnt realise it. argh! imagine my [1 min] frustration of not having my x-stitch kit and having a dead ipod. but but!! it didnt spoil my day.. =)

an old song played on my ipod when i listened to it.. by venga boys.. boom boom boom boom! it lifts my spirits just listening to it. i am reminded of the cool gang in tp orientation, where i first knew unpolished_gem.. the dance moves of this song that joleen choreographed.. the days the gang of us practised the dance moves for the performance every 3 days for a whole month.. the fun we had conversing over the walkies.. the swimming pool stunts that the assistant head gl pulled.. the nights spent staying awake just to play bridge.. the team spirit.. the tp dance.. the games..

aww.. i miss school. i really do.