it’s a lazy morning. i sorta refused to do any work.. unless really critical.

had dinner with johnny the other day after 5 games of billard. he said that to be in my job.. one must really have the drive.

it got me thinking.. did i ever have the drive? or have i lost the drive? or is it a plain situation that it is not in me, hence not apt for the job.


the whole of yesterday was filled with meetings and meetings.. dozed off in one, almost dozed off in another and the last one that last till 7pm at night, i was munching non stop for 4 hours. mentally draining.

i got home last night, wanted desperately to get some sanity from blog reading and blogging.. and i totally concussed even before i even had the chance to blog.

sad life. or maybe that’s just what i think. i just need to find that drive right? this morning, the message that i read from celia also said the same thing.


DRIVE.. *VrrrooOOoooooom*

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