im left home alone today. i want to head out, but i dont have the keys to lock the house. it’s raining in seattle now, and the weather report says it might snow here tomorrow! Whee!

aunt is out to send the car for servicing, after which, she’ll be picking me up and dropping me off downtown, where i can spend the rest of the day idling/exploring and enjoying myself!

the hard water here is ruining my hair. somehow, it’s always in tangles no matter how much conditioner i have slapped on. bad hair days for the past week is quite a damper.

spent the last 2 days in the malls, shopping ard. bought some craft items from micheal’s and 3 sets of bikinis. i can almost hear wei ranting after me on this, cos i already have many sets of them! other steals include a couple of jackets and 2 identical polo ralph caps. am quite broke at this point of time, wonder how to survive the rest of the week till next tuesday.

here’s some random shots that i took while i was bored/moving ard the day before yest.

and dinner was a simple affair with home-cooked bai choy tong and my favourite roast pork & ngao hor! *slurps*

thanks to those concerned, my hurting back is a little better. i might have strained it cos it felt like my nerves are pinched when im in certain position. special thanks to chanrkl who kept me in her prayers!

and here’s snapshots of my day yesterday, beginning with me accompanying my aunt to view some houses along normandy area, then hitting the malls in southcenter.

totally knackered by the time i got home in the evening. the night being awake is finally taking a toil on me..