im feeling lethargic for lazing the entire saturday away doing nothing but drifiting in and out of sleep. i’ve had a major headache for sleeping too much and i’m feeling kinda grouchy now. my boy’s sick and there’s no plans for the weekend. he has classes to go to, and i am striving to survive on my remaining moolah after the expensive buys (read: blades x 2 + more coach buys) till the end of the month.

i have been splurging all my moolahs these days to pamper myself. i guess it’s time to start saving after august is over. my wounds are recovering and itching the hell outta me. i’m slapping them all the time to reduce the itch! the scabs are falling all over. its a tad disgusting to see my cubicle filled with it but they just keep flaking. good news, i reckon. it means im recovering good.

lunch in siglap yesterday at this jap restaurant with the team and my agency. headed there cos fiona and jen were overseeing the photoshoot that we are having at the store. lotsa fun but had to rush back to the office after to finish up my stuff.

spent the night chilling out with lynette & ramesh (my hr manager) and a friend of lyn, mervyn. were supposed to head for wine appreciation thingy but too many of the DND committee couldnt make it so we have decided to go on our own for some fun. dinner’s at cartel with extremely bad service (our food took more than 1 hr to come, and the orders were wrong), and i was kinda boiling at some issues.

headed to the loof, had drinks and natters. ramesh gave me new insights about my job, the company, the people, policies and most importantly, shed some light about the no. 1 man who’s office is right beside me. interesting! the marketing folks are also being labelled the “dressiest” people in the e company. i didnt know all eyes were on us and our dress code were being monitored. now, that’s news!

ramesh & me headed home for an early night. we flagged down a maxi cab and wow! it’s so cool can?! 7 seater, extremely spacious, with mr bean cartoon to watch whilst enjoying ur journey home. both of us were tinkering with everything around us, aircons, lights and all. took some pictures as well.. will load them when i feel like editing my pictures.

for now, i just wanna laze.

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