i can’t believe this.. im feeling bored. there’s no one to talk to on msn.. so where has everyone gone to on sundays afternoon in singapore?!

i’m a little sleepy, but too full to be heading to bed right away. i spent most of the day eating today. didn’t help that i slept till 12+pm here. i woke at 8+am actually, but flopped back into bed.

the thing about winter is that, even with the windows all closed and the heater on.. the cold still creeps in and your thin fingers freezes. hot water turns cold before you can finish drinking it and noodles turn cold way faster than compared to the singapore temperature. but im not complaining. it’s refreshing!

visited the coach store today at the U district.. and guess what? i walked OUT of the store without buying a single thing! Haha. actually, it was bcos they didn’t have the color of the bag i wanted.. so, i’m not willing to wait for them to ship in about a week’s time.. am gonna go check out the other stores first. all else fails, i’ll have them shipped and get my aunt to bring it back one week later.

hmmm.. alrighty. i need to plan the route to go mt rainer. my uncle says he’ll bring me there if i do my homework on the scenic routes. 🙂

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