one bored person will do crazy things.

i repainted my nails again. even though i just did it on friday. bright cherry red nails. 🙂 (oh. please ignore the wrinkled old fingers)

oh, did i mentioned i got a job? yeah. i have decided to be [edit] flight attendent [/edit] (i have decided to leave the co’s name out on second thoughts). please welcome me to the bimbotic world of pretty girls.

surprised? hee. of cos it’s not lah! im still limping at home, feeling duper bored, jobless, getting desperate abt my financial situation and wondering why there isnt as much marketing jobs in the market as i hope there to be!

i want to go out, but most of my friends are all working. i want to head to be able to head for shopping sprees. meet my friends for dinner without the fear of knowing that i cannot afford to pay for my huge appetite. i want to have fun, jump around and be a crazy girl. i really need a job soon, else, please visit me at the mental hospital.

sigh. just thought of a dampening thought. i have to pay for a physio package again on thursday. 🙁

oh. another thing boredom does to me. i actually finished reading 2 years worth of blog entries of one of my friend. insane.