more backlogs.

5th april 07. thursday. the night before the long weekend began.

met up with bran. nope. not brandon, but branSon. i know a lot of people always get them mixed up when i mention them on my entries and they keep asking me which one?


a ride from the office in lyn’s car. a hearty dinner at crystal jade. loads of pictures taken. silly antics and tic tac toes. indulgent chocolate banana cakes, courtesy of branSon. yums.

tea and drinks at tcc. snuggle in sofas and natters. deep into the night where the shutters are pulled shut. the aircon’s off, but 3 friends just sat there to enjoy the peacefulness of the mall, while bran and me play advisor.

enjoyed the night a lot. though simple, quiet and nothing really fanciful. and a ride all the way back home. thanks lyn!

what else? the pictures says the rest.

*yawns* the tiredness is beginning to set in. good nite folks!

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