If there is ever a reason that I want my confinement to end like right now, it’s my bathroom.


It’s depressing. Seeing the gaps between the tiles turning yellow/brownish, and not being able to do a shit about. (ok, unless I boil tonnes of water and use that to wash the toilet but that’s totally crazy). Well, I could also wear boots and gloves to wash the toilet and scrub it clean but I think I will (1) get hell from my mum and (2) get depressed all over again the next time I bathe.

The herbs water that I use to bathe stains my tiles, and of cos.. The gaps between the tiles. I have tried scrubbing from outside the toilet a couple of times (using a toilet broom/scrub) but the stains are rather stubborn. I do hope at the end of the confinement, the bleach works.. Else, I’ll be majorly depressed. Especially since the toilet was renovated last year.

Or, I could get der to clean it up for me but I shall spare us both the grief (he hates doing it) and I often am too particular in my demands that nothing he does is ever good enough (toilet cleaning wise).

Sigh. 10 more days. Another 10 more days to go before I can give it a good scrub down. I can’t wait!!

And heh, pardon my obsession with the toilet. I like it really clean and cleaning it is a good way to de-stress!

Savoring the last of my jamu massage right now.. All 9 sessions of it, gone by in a flash!

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