my skin’s radiating a healthy glow, but it hurts a lot. even though i cant believe i actually did it, i went riding at punggol marina today, alone.

this morning, lyn had to pull out on me due to a change in her dad’s condition and i decided to go ahead with my wakeboarding sesh even though i know i will be riding with a stranger. little did i know that i’ll be riding with a different instructor too.

i didnt slab on the normal sun tan lotion cos i left it in my bag. i had my face sun block with me, but i didnt use it either. i didnt think the sun was strong, but i am feeling the crisp feeling that’s causing me hurt now. ouch.

i was feeling a little peeved initially. to be frank, i’m not a sociable bunny. i sometimes get intimidated by strangers and it’s was quite a bit to handle this morning. the ride turned out to be ok. between the stranger (name: fai) and me, we rode for slightly over 2 hrs. i think there was great improvement today. it could be due to the lack of distractions.

turns out, fai was a fren of my future cussie in law and cussie. small circles eh? raymond, the instructor amused me for a moment when he started singing aloud “duncha wish your boyfriend was hot like me..” after i expressed interest in the song due the recent retreat (one of the teams had used it as their team cheer with changed lyrics and funny actions).

back in the little cosy office, i took this picture and found it amusing.

2 golden retrievers and my riding instructor sleeping. heh heh.

it’s a great sunday, i think.

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