i distinctively remembered that i had a lot to blog about. probably some anger and some unhappiness last week, but as the days pass and the nights gone, the drive to blog is gone, just like my hectic work life.

but maybe not. i’m still busy though. busy sending emails and resumes, busying checking out the job search websites, busy going through the papers, busy reading a book, busy sorting my certificates, scanning them and converting them into pdf format, busy preparing for interviews. and i seriously havent started a thing for my jap test, which is, getting a little too worrying.

i got another interview tomorrow. when i thought i could to head back to the ex co and talk to the colleagues a bit. and dinner at night with pei. and that report to do for friday. urgh. and interview on friday.

why am i so busy? i seriously dont understand.

i need some breathing space. and seriously, i dont even feel like blogging these days. im here cos i forced myself to, to jot some snippets of what’s happening. when i look back 10 years down, i dont have to try to figure out why there is an empty spot in my life.