im fighting the heavy eyelids as well as the heavy workload i seemed to have chalked up. ever since i threw in the letter, the daily countdown on my msn serves as a reminder that im getting outta this place soon.

now, im down to a single digit now and i’m getting this very unsettling feeling. on one end, the workload seemed to have increased, and there seemed to be so much stuff that i need to settle before i leave this place. on the other end is facing the unknown future. i have no idea if i can get a job soon, and the thought of me having to do nothing at home for months is a little daunting now that it’s so near.

surprisingly, the last thing on my mind is the trip. i should be excited, but im not.

yee and goo left for seattle this morning. i didnt get a chance to say bye but i’ll be seeing them soon again. the family had seafood dinner last night, a ritual always before they leave. spent rest of the night at home dubbing software cds and installing all the programs that goo has bought/brought. my pc is really very slow now that it has less than 10gb left from 2 hdd combined. goo is freaked out at the amount of information i have in my hdd. hur hur.

and finally, i gathered all the pictures from the camera over the cny period from the 2 goo’s cammie. will do up collages tonight!

*takes a deep breath*

now, i must concentrate on clearing the work!