loads of familiar faces in the office is leaving one by one. my favourite people are almost all gone. a tad sad, but i guess goodbyes are part and parcels of life. that said, farewell from the office doesn’t mean they’ll be gone from my life, so gotta stay positive.

candice was one of the girls that joined the same time i did. we had to organised our first christmas party together in the company (its a norm that newbies had to be part of the committee). had always known her as a cute and sexy girl with short skirts all the time, and gawd, i was quite shocked to learn that she was leaving, especially since i was supposed to work with her after my portfolio change.

oh well. people move on to greener pastures, even tho we are quite green here (pun intended), i guess there is always a better future or a brighter side of the picture. sometimes, as life turns out to be.. it may not always be “greener” out there, you’ll still had to get going and not get left behind right?

which reminds me, argh. there are tonnes that i had and needed to do.

the farewell lunch. probably one of the better lunches that i had these days. with the ulu place that i am located in.. we went back to cacio e pepe for her farewell lunch. we had to run back because we all at 2pm meetings to attend.

candice, and our delicious salad

the 3 of us, with our yummy pastas and the lovely salad that i wished i had more of.

yummy clams and the dessert was just passable. i think i had better warm chocolate cake before.

it was a relatively quick lunch, and in a flash, it been 3 weeks since she left. time really flies. i hope “walter” will take care of her where she is.

by the way, my head is still killing me. it’s been raging in pain for the past 12 hours, non-stop. was joking to derrick to ask him to admit me to the a&e department. 4 straight days. i am plagued with that damn headache.

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