I love throwing surprises. When the mood struck me that is. And of cos, the opportunity to do so..

I blogged about the goodwood park’s mao shan power puffs that was oh-so-good in my previous post. And because the promotion period is nearing its end, and my mum has yet to try.. The puff was too small to be shared among so many of us the other day so I brought her to buy some yesterday. Yes, crazily enough.. I drove out just to get the puffs.. Got one for my in-laws and another for Jen as a surprise, since I was meeting her for dinner last night.

Here’s a picture of the power puff!

Here’s the convo between us while I was heading out.

Me: hey, I got you a surprise!
Jen: thank you.
Me: huh?! I haven’t told you what it is.. Maybe it’s a frog?
Jen: it’s the thought that counts.
Me: it’s a cat mountain. Go figure!

And doo doo me, I packed the “cat mountain” nicely in a styrofoam ice box, with a ice pack to keep it chilled and was all ready to head out when I decided to pee once again before leaving. And guess what?! While I was driving along lentor, my mum called and said I forgot the ice box!! Argh. I had to u-turn and head back to pick it up. So dumb. Well, someone else had to wait for me and was really puzzled why I had to turn back to take.

The inconspicuous looking box.

When I met her, she looked at the box but refused to open it. is it really a frog? I’m scared!!

No, told you it’s a cat mountain. It won’t bite.. Just open!

She give the box a shake, stared at me for a fleeting moment and still doubting my words, peeked into the box.

Haha. She makes me laugh some times.

The pungent smell engulfed the entire car interior..

Jen: Chey! It’s durian puff from goodwood! Thank you.
Me: not, it’s not. It’s limited edition!
Jen: the durian puffs right?!
Me: no, open up and see.. Told you it’s a cat mountain and it’s limited edition.
Jen: (opens the box) wah! So big! Why so big?!
Me: it’s Mao Shan Wang durian, the mao Shan power puff! Available only in June!

We had crabs for dinner at east coast. No pictures because we were too busy catching up.. I sent her home and chilled in her house as usual, and her husband vital gobbled down the entire puff like a hamburger (less 3 mouthfuls for Jen cos she was too stuffed to swallow anything). Too bad I didn’t take a picture of vital’s happy face! He was really enjoying the puff, and it just makes me damn happy to make someone’s day.

And well, she made my day too.. It was a nice catch up sesh and besides, she treated me dinner.

Ermm, mr secret agent.. Are you filled with regrets that you didn’t want to turn up?

Looking forward to the next time we meet!

When I got home at near midnight.. My baby was asleep peacefully, and my dinner would not have been that peaceful without my mum. I am kinda enjoying a life right now and well, loving it! At least, I get a bit of my life back!

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