it’s been a while since i blogged about my lunches. I remembered that i used to do it frequently when i was still in the f&b industry, because that was what my life revolve around all the time, and nice lunches was the norm.

these days, nice lunches are reduced to birthday celebrations or special occasions.

we celebrated eyleen’s birthday 3 weeks back. what was supposed to be a seafood feast became a last minute change of plans as the promotion was over. so, we headed to the next best choice in the area – charlie’s corner @ Changi.

very interestingly, we all had different food choices except a duplication of the seafood platter for 2 of the folks. could you guess which is my lunch?

*whispers softly* the steak! the steak!

the food is average, but the service was bad. the crew was a bit blur and because we ordered set lunches and drinks, the server has failed to inform that my set lunch comes with a drink and eventually, omitted it entirely from the set. i remembered only when my meal almost ended but i requested for the drink nonetheless. if i hadn’t recalled, i would have been cheated of my drink! i must say the boss’ service was good though, so i guess more staff training is required for a better experience.

because of the distance to travel that far, i doubt i’ll be back there again. I’ll choose the flowercrab in the hawker next door anytime if I had to travel that far!

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