Before I forget.. Just an interesting trivial for my records.. The whole Singapore is out of stock for cotton disposable undies! Have been searching for weeks across the various guardian pharmacies and watsons and today, a nice shop assistant in guardian confirmed that the stocks are out for the past one month! The only ones available are in paper quality which I am refusing to accept. Oh wells, so much so for prepping my hospital bag. Am going to send the boy to help me buy in msia.. I saw it the other day but ran out of my size.

Did anyone realized that it’s a freaking hot day today? But, it seems like a lucky day for me!

First, to satisfy my craving for curry fish head.. The boy decided to bring me to toa payoh lor 8 for ocean curry fish head. It’s been ages since we last went and my, it got relocated! Was majorly upset and told the boy to go somewhere else for chickie rice instead and the boy made a turn into the wrong carpark. I told the boy to just park the car and we’ll walk over.. And guess what?! The moment I stepped out of the car.. The ocean curry fish head sign board was staring right back at me! To think I was still complaining about not knowing where they relocated to. What luck!

Am a happy girl!

Popped into tpy central for a short walk aimless walk to wait for lunch to be digested before the plan to swim.. The heat was so unbearable, I suggested to the boy to head to NLB for some cooling aircon and to pass time catching some reads.. The boy went along and the first thing he went was.. Hey, go use the toilet here! He sure knows I need the toilet trips frequently. When I got out, I decided to pay my library fines.. It was many many years ago when I borrowed my last book (at least 4 years back?!) and I remembered I had some fines because I returned the books late.

$1.25 worth of payment later, I turned around and this cabinet of baby related books and stuff caught my eye. Actually, it was this baby journal that caught my attention first and I am so curious that I went to check it out.. And they are giving it out for FREE for mothers to be or new mothers! It’s a pre-birth kit consisting of a handbook for parenting in the first year with tips on parenthood, marriage and work-life harmony, a height chart for your kid, a cd of songs, stories, poems and nursery rhymes, a reading record card that lets your kid collect stamps with every 4 books borrowed and get a gift when the kid reaches the 60 books milestone, and lastly.. The baby journal that comes in a hard cover that let’s you make pregnancy notes, chart the arrival and growth of the baby and his/her milestones, the family tree, bathtimes, playtimes, bedtimes and birthday for the first 5 years as well a host of information for the parents at the back on issues like breastfeeding, food allergies, planning birthday parties and meals, clothes and footwear knowledge, financial and education planning, book recommendations, child care centres, car safety, health care on issues like vaccinations, eczema, fevers in children, dental care etc and a list of useful websites (obviously I haven’t checked them out yet) and numbers for help. Actually, I’m rather impressed.. Except that I just saw the last page where there are discount coupons available and they are valid till dec 2007. Yup, it isn’t a typo! But I still think it’s a good kit since it’s free and all you need is to be a member of NLB. Membership is free too.. I think I was a member since I was a kid because I didn’t know if I was a member so I blatantly asked, am I considered a member if I borrowed books before?!

Well, just enquire at the customer service counter and all you need to do is fill up a form. It’s that simple! This is the cheap thrill I was talking about actually.

We popped by my favorite toa payoh goreng pisang at blk 177, must eat kopitiam. Was very very full so this was all I could managed to stomach – 1 x goreng pisang and 1 x chempedak. sorry, this was in the paper bag, someone told me it looks rather gross but it was unintentional!

Spotted another bubble tea shop called comebuy.. Is the bubble tea craze back again?! The boy queued and bought us a huge cup of ultimate qq milk tea for $3.20. Yummy pearls, not as sweet even with 50% sugar and had some other chewy strips. Nice! Looks like there are a wide range of selection these days and one won’t be subjected to the long queues at koi. Incidentally, this is along the same stretch of shops as tpy koi that’s closer to the side of ntuc. forgot to take a photo of the drink! But apparently, this chain has a history of 10 years and is in japan, Macau, china, Taiwan, Korea and hong kong.

Was happily leaving for my swim when the raindrops started it’s putter patter on the windshield. Argh! Swim plans had to be aborted for the day and I’m feeling really really sore about it!


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