the other day.. or last friday to be exact.. i cried. i sat down and i cried non stop. i couldnt stop the tears from rolling and i tried really hard to look normal because people are staring at me and der had to take these ugly pictures of me. i couldn’t stop tearing. and i was jerking non stop.

jerking in laughter. naughty me played a prank on der actually… we were out for a nice dinner at botejyu and we had a feast!

and you want to know what is the prank? see that last dish? the okonomoyaki? it came piping hot and the flakes were ‘in motion’ when it came due to the rising heat. the curious boy just stared at me and asked me why the flakes are like ‘moving’.

i told him its because it’s sliced alive so they are slowly wriggling till the heat kills them. he just stares at it harder.. and he kept saying ‘no lah! cannot it the heat?’

obviously i say no! it’s really alive!

so.. the boy stared at it for the longest time, and commented that if its real, he don’t dare to eat the dish. and every time he lifts his head to look at me, i try my darnest hard to pull a straight face and reinforce the idea it’s ‘alive’!

well.. i was already shaking non stop at this point in time.

the clever boy then took the fork and lift up the flakes and move it away. stared at it and then when he wanted to tell me that “no! it’s the heat!” from his experiment, i was already tearing and jerking NON STOP. it’s so funny staring at his expressions and innocence.

i know. i am bad to exploit the trust he had in me, but it was really a spur of the moment idea that just hit me that split second. and com’on, i really thought of the same thing when i was MUCH younger, so i can’t really fault him. especially since he’s not exactly a big fan of japanese food.

well, it’s really a memorable dinner date! Hee hee! sure bring smiles to me every single time i think of it.

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