My blog has been quiet. But my life has been anything but boring. In fact, I have been so busy that I neglected the blog as a result. I sometimes do wonder if people read this anymore. Leave me a comment if you do.. it will definitely spur me to blog more!

So, I have clocked up quite a bit of adventures in recent months…. Taiwan, Amsterdam, Cologne, Macau, Korea, USA  and I can’t wait to blog about them. I really need to find the time amidst my work and parenting duties. And then, I was looking through my bucket list items today and realised I checked off quite a few!

Here’s what I checked off!

1. Visit Grand Canyon. 

Checked this off in February this year when I headed to the US with the husband. Grand Canyon is so grand and amazing, I wish I did more than just a day trip. I wished I allocated another day or 2 and stay there to enjoy all these awesomeness from nature and trekked amongst it. I was somewhat lucky to be there when there is some remains of snow, which made it a lot more beautiful with the contrast in landscape.


2. Visit Amsterdam and try a space cake. 

This is 1/2 done technically. I did go to Amsterdam, but I didn’t get to try a space cake. I didn’t have a chance to but I guess I’ll be back to try the space cake some day! I was happy to catch up with my cousin, whom I said I would love to visit since I was 18 years old but never got round to doing it until now. The red windows are really quite eye-opening and by the way, the prettiest ain’t by the canal…

Last morning in Amsterdam where I had the rare opportunity to have the entire sign to myself! #iamsterdam #amsterdam #cherieladiegoesamsterdam #cherieladietravels #cherieladieadventure #touristythings #netherlands
3. Stay in a farm & milk some cows 

I know it is strange, but I really wanted to try milking some cows! It’s something so rare now that we stay in a cosmopolitan city and cows are only found in the zoo. We went on a family trip to Taiwan last August and we stayed in a farm for 2 nights. It was an interesting experience and the kids loved it!

I milked a cow (the kids were under the age limit), we fed goats, ducks, ducklings, and went up close with a lot others. The kids also checked out huge tractors, had mud in their feet (they don’t enjoy it!) and woke up to fresh refreshing air and a huge spider at our window. Totally recommend the experience.

Let’s see if I can blog about it soon. My next travelling stint is 12 days and I will be clocking my annual trip to Bangkok. Gonna make this trip a sight seeing and adventurous one instead of the usual eating and shopping. Can’t wait!

Meanwhile, keep checking back for upcoming posts! Otherwise, follow me on facebook or instagram for more instantaneous updates!