today is a happy day! despite the busy schedule at work and tons to finish, i am a happy girl.

i woke to a message that i didn’t really expect. it warmed my heart and made me see a different light about the angel. it may have been a simple message.. but it meant the world to me.

and then.. someone popped by my office and left this on my desk!

it’s from kelvin! i havent seen that guy for more than 3 months and he’s so sweet to drop me my favourite board game in the disney version! i didn’t see it cos i was in a meeting when he texted me, and called me.. but my back was facing the door..

anyway, i did manage to catch him before he left! hugged him real tight the moment i saw him and hey, i am REALLY REALLY touched about the scrabble ya?

thanks dude! although i know you don’t even read my blog.. u brightened up my day so much. after kenties telling he hates me for days, today he felt the difference and said i was hyper.


i am relatively more chirpy, but hyper bunny is heading to bed now. tired. 😐

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