My grandpa’s health has been really bad lately. At a ripe old age of 96, I guess the body is in a retiring sort of mode. The last hospital episode made my grandpa draw up and finalize his will, and he was all ready to ‘go’. I do wish he won’t give up the fight so readily, but who am I to judge? I’m barely 1/3 of his age..

Meanwhile, I have been jumping at every single opportunity for jerry to spend some time with him, because I can see my great grandpa eyes twinkle with joy when he sees the kiddo.. Plus, he is always ready to cuddle the baby.

Me, I am trying to capture as much memories as I can.. And hope that my grandpa will stop being paranoid, start eating well and stop thinking that he is losing weight and the time is near. How do one inject some positivity into the situation? My family is clueless. Sigh.

Life. Spend more time with the ones you love, cherish the time and capture all those moments because when the time comes, there will be no regrets, just sweet memories for you to hang on it for life.

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