im feeling chirpy now. good mood i guess. it also helps when there arent big shots in the office, and i have unpolished_gem and desmond to chat with.

last nite, eddie8038 mentioned that my blog is no longer as interesting to read, mainly cos i seemed to be down these days.. with more grumbles than chirpy things to talk about. anyone of you nodding your head in agreement while reading this?

hmm.. i didnt realise it myself. not sure why. maybe im losing focus in life. maybe im unhappy with the way how things are and how i have to deal with them. maybe it’s the phrase that im going through. maybe there are a lot more other problems sprouting up as i age. maybe, there are a lot more of other maybes.

anyway, i hope to make this journal a more cheery one to read. and bring back that cheerful cherie that everyone knows (but not necessary the real me!). ha.

i cant wait to knock off man. i got a date tonight. a dinner date. a hot dinner date. at PS. at manhattan’s fish market. please dont be jealous of me. and i heard, is there going to be gifts coming? *grins*

and for those who are too free and have nothing better to do, please dont pop by to peep.. else, i’ll snap you with my pocket-sized cammie and expose you here with your mug shots! hahaha.

and yea.. im such a bummer! im so bored that i created a quiz abt me for whoever’s reading my blog to have a go at. so, go on, click on the link and take the test!

Take my Quiz on!