Here’s the video of the birthday song for Chloe!

lovely home-made cake and cupcakes for Chloe by Daisy!

der looking really happy with his favourite kid – joel.

kristy & me

andy and joel.

oooh.. i love ah-lu’s kid. he’s so hyper (like me!), and i love his dimples and his love for kids. he is so cute, he goes around patting the younger kiddos and kisses them. when they cry, he will look for an adult to give attention to the kid. too cute!
(ah-lu is my sec school classmate, along with his brother. 2 brothers in the same class so moses brought him along for the party)

too hard to take a decent shot of the hyper kid. btw, i think this picture shows very evidently that I have aged, all those lines on my face.. *sobs*

another futile attempt with joel.

the 2 kiddos together.

i took some really nice pictures with the kids, but it’s in kristy’s cammie. so am waiting for her to post them up before I post them here.

pardon the pictures. ripped them from facebook and the sizes are a tad too big.

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