Baby shopping. We are at it every other weekend.. Striking off an item or two each time.. Or loading up frivolous stuff randomly.

Last weekend, we thronged the taka baby fair but it was too crowded and too hazardous with everyone squeezing all over, knocking into things and people, people pushing their way through and the cramp aisles.. I promptly left in less than 15mins. I rather pay more than go through the torture! Besides, I think they should have wider aisles for people to walk because everyone I see in there is either spotting a big tummy, baby stroller in hand inching their way around or having a baby in their arms/in baby carrier. Madness!

I went mothercare at paragon and der spotted this!

Actually he spotted the matching baby cot with matching bed sheets and said he felt regret that he hadn’t seen that cot earlier, else he would have bought that cot (even though its way smaller and it cannot be transformed into a toddler bed like the one we had now). -_-“

Well, just so you know.. The fuss about it is that his surname is choo.. So it seems like the Choo choo is meant for his baby Jerry Choo. Haha. I had to indulge him and get him the towel set.. The bedsheet/linen set is too ex at 300+! Baby stuff are seriously exorbitant! I could easily buy a king size quilt cover in silk and high thread count with the same amount!

We also popped by the mothercare sale in harbourfront last week and scored a few more items like hanging mobiles, a changing ‘platform’ thing that I could plonk over the baby cot, a cot tidy (also choo choo themed) and some other frivolous stuff.

Today, we popped by expo because there was this baby fair that der happened to read about.. I totally can’t remember the name of it. So, we went and signed up with cordlife to store jerry’s stem cells and a Malay jamu massage for mummy me!

Der commented.. Last time, we used to go shopping and buy things for ourselves.. these days, every week is about baby shopping! I was trying to figure if he was just making a comment or lamenting and I’m just glad he said he’s equally happy in both situations and he doesn’t find the baby shopping bit a chore at all. Phew! seriously, I do feel a little auntie like and quite ‘uncool’ checking out all that baby fairs and squeezing with all the mummies and daddies out there. So un-me!

I would have bought more stuff but we didn’t have enough cash on us and decided to end the day there and popped over to ikea for some storage boxes, towels and a laundry ‘basket’ for the baby clothes. I actually got a plastic wastepaper bin to do the job. My mum is rather adamant that I cannot mix them with my clothes and it has to be hand-washed separately. Oh wells.

So, I think we are left with the baby car seat and we are pretty much done! Will be spending the next few weeks sorting out stuff, washing all clothes & bed sheets/linens/blankets, packing the clothes according to sizes, decorating the nursery corner.. Pack the hospital bag.. And then we’ll wait.. Feeling a little kiasu because there’s more than a month away!

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