mr Mike (my colleague from the sales/roadshow team) threw a christmas lunch for the team to thank everyone for the hard work put in during the year. the team also returned him a gift of robinson vouchers as a christmas gift.

it was a fun affair because everyone were relaxed and having a longer lunch than usual. it was at Cafe in Action @ Valley Point, and we almost had the entire restaurant to ourselves, lest 2 tables that were outside the restaurant.

it was a 4 course meal with a starter, soup with tonnes of garlic bread, main course and 2 desserts. i almost couldn’t stomach anything after the soup!

errrmm.. i feel like a ripper today cos i am also ripping these pictures off my colleague’s facebook! these days, i am very lazy to whip out my cammie. something must be wrong with me!

the lunch menu

main course was fish, chicken or steak. i had the steak!

desserts, which i didnt manage to stomach.

thanks mike for the wonderful lunch! it really makes christmas a fun affair!

and darn! i was happily blogging non stop till the boy called and REMINDED me that we were supposed to head down to intercontinental to sign our contract and make a deposit payment! into the bathroom i jump now!

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