ho ho ho! i had the last christmas party yesterday at andy’s place. it was potluck, so bright and early in the morning, the boy and me trooped over to the market to buy our breakfast, and the fresh ingredients required for the potluck.

the plan was to bring along curry chicken. we bought 2 fat chicken (my mum kept 1 for her own use) and onions. my mum have already helped me buy potatoes so that was out. errm, i must admit that i didn’t cook. my mum did, and her curry chicken was fantastic in my opinion, so that was the best food that i thought i could bring over for the folks.

the rest of the food included sushi, a loaf of bread (to compliment the curry chicken), KFC, a lychee martini cake from pine garden, iced cold longans and lychees for desserts and kit kat ice cream cones and yoghurt sticks for everyone to share.

i am the official game master – i brought along my pictionary and taboo!

i also met shaun’s 暧昧 for the first time, and also andy’s girlfriend! too bad we didn’t manage to take any pictures of them! one of them left early and the other came when we were leaving…. argh! someone, please remind me next time!

der and me brought along a shot glass tic-tac-toe set and a game set as gifts for exchange. and here’s us with all our exchanged presents!

shaun got our tic-tac-toe set while allan have gotten the game set (which i think was real apt for him!).

the games were fun, because it was so funny – the things that we drew (some totally cannot make it) and people guessing all sorts of rubbish. taboo was a little tricky because it was a singaporean version and it had phua chu kang and zoe tay as the guess words.

we ended the night with the desserts, 2 sleeping babies and many tired souls from laughing too much. it was fun and i wished i had my own house to host parties like that. for now, i can only dream and wait for 5 years because it could become a reality.

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