the day came and went. cindy’s last day was filled with a lot of fun, great food and loads of natters and of cos, it ended really late into the night before all of us unwillingly parted.

we had our last lunch together as colleagues. just the two of us at the cutesy little cafe with a pinch of salt in katong.

love the place for it’s lovely decorations, cute illustrations all over and interesting quotes plastered all over the restaurant. even the windows had cute little stickers plastered over. i think the kids would love this place, with a piano set in the middle of the restaurant. i wondered if anyone plays on the piano at night. the food was okay and really affordable. we had the escargots as starter, black lips pasta for cindy and mary lamb chop for me, rounded off with lychee fizz blended drinks with generous servings of lychee fruit (4 pcs!!).

i wish i had the stomach to try more stuff off the menu, but unfortunately, that was all my stomach could take that afternoon. my lamb chop was good, but its a pity they don’t serve mint sauce to go along with it. i’m not a fan of black ink squid pasta, but according to cindy, it tasted good as well. check out her black lips (literally!) in the last picture! they also serve thai food of a separate menu for lunch. sounded interesting and i think i will try it the next time im there.

my only grouse of the place is that despite being in a relatively empty restaurant during the lunch hour, the service was terrible considering the attention i had (and i was seated right next to the counter), and there was also a wee bit of language problem as the server (i think filipino) couldn’t understand what i was saying when i asked for mint sauce and kept serving me chilli sauce, and after which, sachets of chilli sauce (again?!) before the other server came and ask what exactly it was that i wanted only to tell me that they don’t serve mint sauce. i also had a hard time asking for iced water because they weren’t attentive and i thought that by showing them my empty glass would have been the universal language of more water. but no, they had to come right up and asked me what it was that i wanted.

at night, cindy’s team had a farewell dinner for her and i gatecrashed it. the dinner was set at werner’s in siglap and we were oh-so-late because there were just too many things to clear in the office and we just couldn’t leave our seats till it was past 8pm.

between the 5 of us, we had a pork knuckle and sausages to share. i’m didn’t eat much because there was no greens and everything else was too meaty or oily to my taste. i ended up ordering a potato salad with apple slices and errm.. i don’t really enjoy it. the only thing that i enjoyed was prolly the glass of white wine, but seriously, it was the company that matters more. i enjoyed the night as we shared the gossips and interesting tid bits of life, and it just struck me how much i am going to miss cindy when she is gone. the restaurant closed pretty early and we had to adjourn to starbucks for more natters.

these are the last 2 parting shots before everyone went in separate directions and headed home. and yes, i guess black is really a common color that everyone wears in the office.

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