i am on a cleaning streak today. i cleaned my entire desk at work right after lunch today. i just stood up and decided i needed to wipe all that DUST off. an hour later, i’m sitting on a clean desk. sad thing is, all it takes is just 2 days for the dust to settle again.

6pm. headed home and jen was exclaiming that im home earlier and earlier! well, getting home BEFORE 7pm is really an achievement.

and guess what i did after i had my shower? i decided to spring clean my dressing table and wipe wipe wipe. there goes all the dust. i also threw away loads of unused toiletries. i figure i never will get round to use them anyway.

so, before i know it. it’s 10pm. the day is about to end but i feel good. cleaning does have therapeutic qualities huh?

it’s late and my eyes are closing. night.

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