Was in the katong area for lunch with my colleagues the other day for nonya food.. it was free lunch because we betted for world cup and I was one of them winners! Go Spain go! I know, it’s been yonks but with all the flurry of activities at work.. The big group never got round to actually planning the lunch till my boss reminded everyone that CNY is round the corner and that everyone has to pay up before that!

I was too shy to take any pictures during lunch but here’s my dessert from doors away!

A double scoop of cookies and cream and peanut butter chocolate chip ice cream. Crunchy, yummy goodness with big peanuts bits. Actually, I do feel a tad sinful because I have been loading up quite a bit of junk lately despite not being exactly a sweet tooth person. Funny how the sweet stuff always goes well with my taste buds and my stomach agrees with it too! Jerry likes sweet food!

Love the shop decor and I just can’t resist taking a snapshot against the backdrop. I didn’t stay in the restaurant because we were all rushing back for some meeting.

That said, I went on the scales yesterday and I weigh 54kg now! I only managed to put on 4kg thus far.. A far cry from some of the pregnant mothers I know.. Many have also commented that my cheeks have sunken and that my arms are skinner.. I wonder if the baby has gotten enough nutrition.. But, my tummy is a rotund 36.5″!

I can’t till the next gynae visit to hear what the doc has to say….

Btw, in case you are interested, coccogelo is at 89 east coast road. You can google them and find the address easily!

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