Its so cold this morning that all i wanted to do was shut that alarm and stay in whatever position i was (under the blanket) and not move an inch.

The sheets were cold on the part where i wasnt lying on and even the cuddlies felt cold. The aircon was still blaring on and i couldnt move to switch it off.

And so, when i finally got up (i wished i didnt had to), i decided to layer my clothes for the day.

A topshop tank, my nike sweatshirt, f21 shorts with my 3/4 giodano leggings and my mum’s crocs (techincally they are mine but she wears them all the time). No accessories except for the engagement ring and my marc jacobs.

I am so ready to face the cold friday! Aint you glad that the weekend is here?! Its my only source of motivation these days.

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