i just want to let the world know, that Mohammad Sharin is a great cabby and here’s the taxi that he drives.

i dropped my mobile in his cab yesterday. half an hr later, i realised and started calling my own mobile. i was so worried. so frantic. he picked up the second time didnt not hestitate to tell me he’ll drive back and return me the phone. and he actually remembered where i was. he gave me his mobile to contact him immediately the moment i asked. but told me nicely that he has a passenger and needs to send him off to his destination first. i am more than willing to wait.

he’s great. and i love the fact that he’s honest, friendly and full of smiles. and didnt show me a face when i accidentally hit his hand with my badminton racket while seeking shelter in his cab from the pouring rain.

i really cant thank him enough. i wont know what to do without my beloved phone. he needs more commending than i can ever give him.

once again, thank you SOOOOO MUCH!