Pardon me, the previous post was cut off abruptly because the lj app refused to let me edit it any further (just keeps crashing) and though i tried i think at least 40 times, i decided to post it and edit it latet but i still didnt work.

So yup, decided to continue in a separate post!

Here’s another picture of xsilly being ‘tortured’ by der. I think der just like being irritating.

And here’s our lunch!

Steak for me..

Vongole for the boy. If you read on, you’ll realise that the boy is really quite boring and not experimental with his food! So far, he only eats this and pizza prosciutto. -_-

I know my beef steak is boring too but i cant quite stomach a lot of the strong herbs so i went for something safe.

Arsenale shipyard. This is the place where venice had all its navy and commercial fleet built and the place to store gun powder and also the largest naval power in the eastern mediterranean. Today, it is still used as a military base and no tourist is allowed within the compound.

Der and me sitting by one of the rivers and me fearing that my birkies fall into the water.

Busy street along the river – riva ca’ di dio & riva degli schiavoni.

Hordes and hordes of people here and a lot of peddlers peddling their wares (mostly sourveniors and fake branded bags).

Love how the 2 little birds are perched on tje statue’s fingers.

At Piazza san marco, campanile die san marco.

Palazzo ducale on the right and basilica di san marco straight ahead.

Pigeons feeding frenzy in the middle of san marco. Next time bring some dried corns or some bread and you could easily take a picture of the pigeons perched on your hands or shoulders. No thanks for me because i think the singapore gahman did a good job in inculcating the notion of pigeons spreading diseases so im not going near them.

Biblioteca marciana, a monumental renaissance building that houses about 900,000 volumes, 13,000 manuscripts and 3,000 incunabulums that includes marco polo’s testament and the famous map of the world by the monk Fra Mauro.

And guess what grief my birkies are causing me?! I dont know if its the cold weather, i actually didnt feel a thing but it was bleeding profusely and my birkies were soaked in blood.

The shoe maker to the rescue, he tied a big fat bow on my shoes and it absorbed the blood and reduced the fricrion against the wound. I thought it look kinda cute.

Grand canal from the rialto bridge.

The steps of the rialto bridge. I have no idea why i missed taking a picture of the bridge using my handphone. Im pretty sure i did, maybe it wasnt saved…

Some theatre in venice.

With that, we ended our day 1 in venice, and headed for dinner at this restaurant called tortuga. It was more convenience than anything that made the choice for us since it was located along fondamente nouve where
our hotel is.

The pirates drawings on the wall.. Its no wonder since we are so near to the sea.

Der’s prosciutto and al funghi pizza (see, i told you so..)

My sandwiches. Forgot its name but tomatoes, egg, ham, lettuce and cheese. Nice and light for a not so hungry me.

Lovely first day in venice!

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