now that jerry have better comprehension of the stuff i say, it’s quite fun to talk to him (or frustrating, depending on how you see it).

these days, he is also fighting sleep and stays awake till midnight which is quite a torture for der & me.. because when he falls asleep, jerome wakes at about 1 plus for his feed and we are usually pretty zombified by then.

the other day, while i was battling sleep time with jerry in the dark..

c: hey jerry, can you go to bed? its very late already.
j: uh..uh.. (no, together with shaking of his head)
c: you don’t want to sleep? why? you have to sleep before you can go gai gai tomorrow you know? do you want to do gai gai?
j: uh..uh.. (no, and continues to jump on the bed in laughter, and the husband giggling in the background because every time i fish the “gai gai” bait out, jerry usually becomes the obedient kid.. but he didnt take the bait this time round)

(after like eons, i get frustrated and lose my patience)
c: jerry! can you go to bed?
j: uh..uh.. (no)
c: *raise my hands in his face* you better go to bed, else i’m gonna beat you.
j: *smacks his palms into mine* FIVE! (breaks into laughter)

i couldnt stay angry at him at all. very frustrating for me!