my office mail server is down. there’s a change of provider.

in case u are wondering, no. i am still in the job. im not sacked. it’s gonna work later today, so be patient k? it’s amusing when i have more than 1 person smsing me to tell me they cant send me the mail!


i slept at near 4am last nite. was busy brewing up something. and i gave up the opportunity to jog for it. i’m not teling. keeping it a secret for now. and cos i refused to sleep despite being really tired, wei blew up on me. *pouts*

i’m sorry sweetie. i really am. i so sorry for being such a bitch last nite. and thanks for being concerned. i didnt say it, but i secretly tot it was so sweet of ya to ask abt me. *smiles*

my legs and arms are begining to ache badly. i guess it’s getting worse with the lack of sleep. my high heels aint doing the healing a favor. a swim session is due tomorrow.

but still, im a happy girl today! i can breathe the weekend air already! and i can get to see wei again. no matter how short.

i was blog surfing earlier and came across this on am_klutz‘s lj. just change my name to yours on the link address.

woah. i didnt realised it almost lunch time already. time to get some work done..

and once again..