i am still a happy girl today!

snoozed in bed for the longest time ever. almost 5 hours after i woke, and spent the time day dreaming, and smiling. i like the way the duvet cover is in contact with my naked skin, and the pitter patter of the raindrops on my aircon is making me feel so at ease. i haven’t felt so relaxed for a long long time, knowing i don’t have to do anything and not rushing to somewhere else.


i added last night into my bank of memories. sweet memories that is. even though i abandoned the overseas beach escapade and decided to stay in singapore, it was really really fun anyway. i met my fren and we went to mount faber for some drinks, after which we zipped off to east coast park for some therapeutic waves crashing sound. and guess WHAT?!

for the first time in my life, i saw SHOOTING STARS! ok. i never thought shooting stars were possible, cos i have never seen them before. But, i saw at least 20+ odd shooting stars, one after another.. i was squealing in delight and acting like a small girl. the company was good, and through the silence and occasional chats, i was coming to terms with my emo state. my emo roller coaster has stablised somewhat, and i finally know what i have been missing all these while.

i also finally realised yesterday what joe meant when he was trying to tell me that ่ขซ็ˆฑๆ˜ฏๅนธ็ฆ็š„. i had been loving people all my life till now. joe, i hear you now. i felt it too. i think i am ready to take more baby steps and move out to embrace the world.

i’ll start each day with a smile, because somewhere out there, there is people with thoughts of me in their mind, wishing the best for me. i just want to return the favour and be happy each day. thank you everyone.

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