I was bouncing 2 days ago feeling happy and blessed and thinking life can’t get any better, but I heard a piece of news on sat morning and spent the last 2 days moping around in the house, and didn’t go anywhere.


I almost killed this post with the shitty mood that I am in right now and the dozens of stuff running through my mind, but I still think I am blessed in some ways, hence this post. though its not going to be as cheerful as I had initially intended it to be.

thursday was a really busy work day for me. I was trying to clear out my work since I was on leave on Fri and it was packed with loads of meetings.


and then my boss suddenly said she wanted to start our meeting early and there was some progress on a campaign she needed to update urgently. I was supposed to have another meeting but the person was already 40mins late.
so in the usual fashion, I grabbed my notebook, my campaign notes and my bottle and headed for the meeting room still thinking about work.


until.. I stepped in and realised my department people were all inside, with a cake on the table and candles burning.


I felt dumb. I think in 3 consecutive years, I got conned the.same.way. duhz. ok. shows you how serious I am about my work right? I was really pleasantly surprised! and a little mad at myself and feeling foolish for being conned AGAIN.


when the birthday song ended, I was lamanting about how stupid I am cos I always get conned when my colleagues pointed out a familiar something in blue stripes and berms.




gosh. I was beyond surprised. he came to put the present and flowers on my desk secretly while I was out for lunch but he didn’t have access into the office (access pass required) and my colleagues which he knew were all out…so he waited. he waited for like 1.5hours?!


when my colleagues got back, I was back at my desk and he couldn’t execute his plans (waiting for me to go for meeting but the person didn’t come) so they decided to rope him in the celebrations as well and start it early. so he camouflaged himself amidst my colleagues and I seriously didn’t spot him at all! there were about 20 people in the room?

making my wish while the world looked on.

a blurry shot with him.


the moment the birthday song ended, my guest came I was like in a mad rush to finish my cake, open the present (from hubby) cos they were curious what it was.. and run for my meeting. which explains, I didn’t have any picture with anyone else!

the present. a bottega veneta ring. sorry I had to crop this image small, add effects and blur out the background because the white board behind me is top secret. now, are you trying to zoom in now and try to read? don’t bother! lol.

presents and flowers on my desk.

happy girl!


I didn’t really do much on my actual birthday. hubby bought us tickets to the harry potter exhibition which I find rather boring except the interactive sorting hat portion right at the beginning and the exhibition of the actual ford flying car before we entered. everything else was about the costumes and some bits of furniture. there were interactive counters where you can pull out screaming mandrakes and quidditch goal posts where you can throw quaffles in but they were more for kiddos. the gift shop was atrocious in my opinion. the wands were retailing at sgd70 a piece?! universal Orlando were only selling them for usd30! hubby found the gift shop rather interesting with quizzy, ‘magical’ things to buy. the prices put me off (not like I was going to buy anything) and I didn’t find the merchandise any interesting mainly because I have seen a much much wider range in Orlando last year and the items were all similar, if not, the same. I think i would have be pleased if they serve butter beer to complete the experience. I really do quite miss it!


we popped into jb right after as my mum/bro were there visiting my grandma and they wanted to treat me a meal. so that pretty much how I spent my birthday.


I felt really blessed to have a really supportive family (my mum really does wonders with my son as much as I have my quarrels with her) and a brother who loves my son as much as I do. I can’t be more thankful for my hubby who isn’t a romantic person at all but plans surprises on occasions to make me happy, who dotes on me more than I know it, indulges me in my laziness and pick up after me when I make a mess and does quite a bit of the baby chores. he also sacrificed a lot of his family time spending time with baby and me (and my family in my household), commuting between the 2 household several times daily and hardly seeing his parents. career wise (am not career driven), I am happy to have a regular job and a regular income so all is good. all other aspects have been great as well and I really don’t have much to complain these days so am really v v thankful. really. 




I am glad I took time to pen this down because while I have been sobbing couple of hours back, I really feel much better now. I should just concentrate on the happy and positive things in my life. THINGS WILL GET BETTER!