i have experienced a weird phenomenon with msn.

i suddenly had a surge of people adding me on msn. at least 9 of them. people with email address that are not a single bit familiar to me. and i have been cancelling their requests. each time i log into msn, it prompts me again.

and i thought msn was going cranky. but unpolished_gem didnt have the problem when i told her abt it. weird isnt it?

and cos, my home router is cranky.. i have been fading in and out of msn when i log in at home. and as usual, i keep cancelling the requests, but somehow, a couple got added into my list! of cos, i didnt realised it until a couple of them tried talking to me.

2 nice people were nice and they deleted me from their list. but then again, i could always block them.

1 other guy told me he got my email from irc.. IRC!!!! it’s been at least 7 years since i last chatted on irc. someone is playing a prank on me. what a crude joke.

if you are the person playing the joke on me, im pleased to inform you that im not the slightest bit angry nor annoyed. it’s kinda amusing tho. and it really shows how childish you are.